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ZhenJiang Great Wall Heavy Industry Technology Co., Ltd. (here and after called Great Wall ) is locacted at Zhenjiang city, South of Yangtze River, belonging to Yangtze River Delta economic zone, owning railway station of Shanghai-Nanjing and Shanghai-Beijing High-speed raillways; 30 kilometers away from Zhenjiang seaport, 50 kilometers away from Changzhou airport, 70 kilometers away from Nanjing airport,and YangzhouTaizhou airport; Great Wall has passed ISO Quality Management System Certificate; its WPS and welders have passed BV certification; the raw material and finished products are accepted by International Third Testing Institute such as SGS,CCIC,CNAS etc; In addition,Great Wall has several independent R & D patents.

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  • The three HD100 Bailey Bridges in Laos were successfully completed

    The three HD100 Bailey Bridge projects customized by Great Wall Group for Laos were successfully completed and shipped from the port to the customer’s designated place by sea. The bridge adopts double row single layer structure with a total length of 110 m; the roadway net width of 7.9 m an...

  • The HD 200 QSR4 Bailey Bridge project in Davo, Philippines was shipped smoothly

    The order of Bailey Steel Bridge in Davo, Philippines, undertaken by Great Wall Group, has been completed and shipped.According to customer needs, the bridge design scheme is an HD200 four-row single-layer reinforced Bailey bridge, with the whole bridge length of 42.672m, a clear lane net width o...

  • The way to move the mold frame

    1. Section cantilever construction along the top of the pier. This method is commonly used in the general large-span bridge hanging blue construction, which will now be applied to the movable mold frame. Its principle is to use the weight of the continuous beam bending moment characteristic two k...

  • What are the characteristics of Bailey Steel Bridge?

    The Bailey frame is a widely used bridge in the world, and the original Bailey Army Bridge was designed by British engineers in 1938. During World War II, the military steel bridge was widely used. After the war, many countries changed the Bailey steel bridge after some improvements to civilian u...

  • How to keep the Bailey Bridge properly?

    Bailey frame is a steel frame forming a certain unit, which can be used to assemble a lot of components and equipment. The length and width of the bailey frame is generally 3m×1.5m, which has been greatly developed in China, widely used in national defense combat readiness, traffic engineering, m...